Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9 AM to 7 PM.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 9 AM to 10:30 PM
Track Description: VT Raceway Club Races Following Car Scales & Types:

Supported Car Scales

•1/43 (e.g. Carrera GO! Cars).
•1/32 (all brands).
•1/24 (all brands).

Supported Car Types
•32DD (1/32 Direct Drive).
•Downforce Steelies.
•Hard Body.
•Modified (a car that’s been upgraded for maximum and/or high performance).
•Plastic Analog (Ready-To-Run).
•Plastic Digital (Ready-To-Run; Digital Cars work on Analog tracks.  However, programmable features Won’t).
•Scratch Built.
•Steelie NASCAR.
•Stock (a car without any body, chassis, hardware or motor modifications).  “Painted” front tires, replacing stock tires with “grippier” ones, standard maintenance, “trued” and treated tires all OK.
•Super 32.
•Womps (all body types).

V.T. Driver Classes
•CLASS A: Highly experienced.  Expert knowledge/understanding of Slot Cars & Racing.
•CLASS B:Some past/present experience.  Basic knowledge/understanding of Slot Cars & Racing.
•CLASS C (Rookie):Little/no experience with Slot Cars or Slot Car Racing.
V.T. Race Formats:

Breakout Race:
This is a Skill race.  Before the start of race, a specific “Breakout Time” is established (e.g. Projected time it’ll take a Driver’s car to complete one (1) lap around VT Raceway (e.g. 3.5 sec., 4 sec., 4.5 sec., etc.).  If/when a Driver goes faster than the established “Breakout Time” they receive a penalty (loss of 1 lap).

For Example: “Round Robin” race format “Breakout Time” for all Drivers is set at 5.0 seconds.  Anytime during the race a Driver’s car goes below 5.0 seconds they receive a 1 lap penalty (subtraction).  So…to win, the challenge is for a Driver to stay as close to 5.0 seconds as possible, without going below it, and completing the most laps.

At the end of all four (4) “Heats,” a specific amount of points (equal to total number of participants) are awarded to all Drivers (per class) based on how many laps they completed.  Point totals get added to Club Driver’s Quarterly Tally.

Round Robin Race:
This is a Timed race.  Four (4) Drivers begin race in randomly chosen Color-Coded lane (e.g. Blue, Green, Yellow, Red).  At the end of this race (a/k/a “Heat”), which typically lasts two (2) or three (3) minutes, each Driver rotates to the next Color-Coded lane before being replaced by the next set of Drivers.  In other words, Driver on Blue lane rotates to Green, Driver on Green lane rotates to Yellow and so on.

At the end of all four (4) “Heats,” a specific amount of points (equal to total number of participants) are awarded to all Drivers (per class) based on how many laps they completed.  Point totals get added to Club Driver’s Quarterly Tally.

To keep race balanced and fair, before race, all participants are placed in one (1) of three (3) Driver Classes (A, B, or C) based on experience level.  This allows B and C Class Drivers a chance to compete and win 1st place points within their designated Class.  This also prevents Class A Drivers from dominating race.

Shunt Race:
Popular with kids and teens.  “Shunt” means Crash.  Rules are simple.  You Shunt…You’re Out!  Heats will range from five (5), ten (10), fifteen (15), to twenty (2) laps.  All Drivers get rotated “Round Robin” so everyone has a chance to race on each of the Four (4) Color-Coded lanes.  Sole survivor receives 5, 10, 15, or 20 Points toward their Club Driver Quarterly Tally.

Team Race:
This is a Team-Spirit race.  Drivers are split into two (2) groups (“A” & “B”).  Purpose is to give inexperienced Drivers an opportunity to race against other inexperienced Drivers for points in all races while racing alongside experienced Drivers (this allows for mentoring and friendship building).

Points are awarded for most overall laps completed during a race.  The Team with most laps is awarded 1st place points (all Drivers in winning Team).  Second place Team is awarded 2nd place points and so on.

Regardless of Team, one (1) Bonus Point will be awarded to the Team (all Drivers) with the Driver that had the overall, single fastest lap time.

One Gee Testing (OGT):
V.T. Raceway requires Driver’s to submit their modified or unmodified magnet Slot Car to the Race Coordinator or V.T. Staff for inspection and One Gee Testing (OGT) before racing.

OGT is a simple method of determining if a Slot Car has too much magnet, thereby giving its Driver and unfair advantage over others.

OGT involves placing a magnet Slot Car on a section of Test Track.  The car is lined up evenly with the contacts on the Test Track.  The Test Track, with the car magnetically attached, is then slowly and carefully turned over.

OGT Compliant cars will fall off the Test Track.  Non-Compliant OGT cars will either hang off or remain stuck to the Test Track.

Drivers of Non-Compliant OGT cars will be given fifteen (15) minutes to reduce the traction of their car’s magnet(s) by repositioning them, replacing them with weaker ones, adding weight to the front of their car, and/or fluffing the braids.  Thereafter, if the car still isn’t OGT Compliant, Driver will be excluded from the race.

Corner Marshalling:
V.T. Raceway is all about Courtesy, Fair Play, and Respect.  Therefore, all race participants, when not Driving, will act as Corner Marshalls until it’s their turn to race.

A Corner Marshall’s job is simple.  If/when a car(s) crash in a corner you’re Marshalling, you carefully and quickly put the car(s) back into their slot or on the track so they can continue racing.

Make sure the car of the Driver who caused the crash (intentionally or not) is the last one placed back into their slot or on the track.

Excluding health issues, a Club Member who, at any time, fails or refuses to Corner Marshall for their fellow Drivers will be disqualified.  If this behavior continues, the participant will be banned from competing in all races that evening.  Also, their Membership may be suspended or revoked without any refund (all or in part) of paid dues.

V.T. Raceway Track Features:
• Adjustable Voltage (for kids & novices).
•Analog Plunger or Trigger Controller Options.
•Carrera (Analog, Plastic track).
•Four (4) color-coded lanes.
•Track Direction Reversible.
•Track Height: 32 Inches from floor.  Perfect for all ages, easy to Marshall, panoramic view (equals less crashing & downtime).
•Track Measurements: 18.5 ft. long x 7.2 ft. wide.

Track Description: 1,000 ft Dragstrip, 155 ft King Track, 70 ft Tri-Oval and 50 ft Figure 8.

Hours: Sun – Noon to 6
Tuesday Thru Sat Noon to 9 p.m

Owner(s): Russell Schmidt


World Class Miniature Race Cars at their Finest. Family Fun Environment!
Drag Racing
Grand Prix Racing

Track Description: Gerding King G22


Remarks: More information to follow. Club racing. Would like to run wing cars and 3 more divisions. Just learning the sport.

Track Description: Scale 1000 ft epoxy track…. Double Power supplies w/ 16 volts on each lane. Indoors with AC

Hours: Sunday 12-8pm Wed 7-10

Owner(s): Joseph Long

Hours: M-TH 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Fr-Sat 10:30 AM – Midnight
Sunday 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Track Description: Carrera 1/24 tracks (featuring 1/32 cars for rent)
8 Lane Figure 8 8 x 35 feet
4 lane Monza Road Course


We are a full service hobby store With a indoor RC Carpet track and now a slot car track.


Track Description: !/24 Tri-Oval 8 Lanes

Open Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 11:00am – 4:00pm
Closed: Sunday & Monday

Owner(s): Ronald Linville




We have free rental cars and controllers on Sunday.

We have an 8 lane, 130 foot long hillclimb track. Come in and play or just watch.

We will practice/play from 10 until noon. We are having a race from noon until 1, then open practice from 1 until 2.

Come by and check it out. It is great fun for kids and adults.

Remarks: Northeast corner of Fowler and Perrin. Pasture gate is open. Park near fence on east side. Go through the gate and into the building east of the pool.

Even A blind squirrel.