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NEW!Slot Car Magazines  - by Russell Sheldon  - 1/12/00

New!Back to School - High School Slot Racing, Round Two! - by Wayne Halabourda

New!Sunscreen 2000 - Advice for Speed Crazed Morons - by Russ Toy

New!Are You A Slot Car Mook? - by Russ Toy

sLoT tuNz - by kris kassens - New! 1/7/99

New sLoT tuNz - plus some Vintage OWH Classics!

You Know You're Addicted to the Internet if...

OWH's Guide to Motor Services - By Paul Kassens

Indy CarRacing Without Agony... - By Paul Kassens

Facts & Myths About Animated Pectrons- By Prof. E.H. Hosercool atom graphic, dude

Hooked On Slotonics - OWH Course in Slot Racing Lingo

OWH Slot Car Racer's Guide to Dating Cute Couple

Super SpeedwaySuper Speedway - Imax Movie Review - by Kris Kassens

You Might Be A Slot Car Racer If... - by Dave "Taz" Winnie and Paul Kassens

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