Interesting article in Nikkei Asian Review about how German toymakers are showing a shift from production in China towards increased manufacturing in Europe. Manufacturers shifting to production in Germany includes Autec, makers of the Cartronic slot car racing system.

Simba-Dickie’s BIG Bobby Car production line in Burghaslach, Germany. (Photo courtesy of Simba-Dickie)

Some production heads back to Europe to speed up market response times

JENS KASTNER, Contributing writer
March 1, 2017

HO slot car Endurance Championship at Worthing HO Racing club featured in The Argus, UK.

Worthing HO Racing club members racing their slot cars against each other

A RACING club is to host the first Scalextric AFX Endurance Championship.

The championship consists of a series of family-friendly team endurance races and takes place during the school holidays later this month.

The race, on Wednesday, February 22, will be run on a replica of the iconic Le Mans circuit which will fill the English Martyrs Church Hall in Goring, home of Worthing HO Racing club.

Andy Player, Worthing HO Racing club secretary, said: “We are really excited about hosting the AFX Endurance Championship this year.

Another nice write-up & video featuring Buzz-A-Rama in Brooklyn, NY by

There is no finish line in sight for a slot car raceway in Brooklyn, the only one left in the city. They have been running miniature race cars there for more than half a century. NY1’s Roger Clark checked it out:

Buzz-o-Rama is named for its owner, Frank “Buzz” Perri.

Video on Local 8 WVLT-TV Knoxville, TN about a guy turning his slot car building hobby into a nice business.

By Alan Williams | Feb 06, 2017

Knoxville, Tennessee A Knoxville man took a hobby of building slot cars to a whole new level.

As Local 8 News Anchor Alan Williams found out, it’s a big business now selling them all over the world.

WFAA-TV News 8’s Alisha Ebrahimji takes you on a short tour of Dallas Slot Cars – Dallas’ only slot car racing track.

In Garland, you won’t be alone. That’s where you’ll find North Texas’ only slot car arena.

Don’t know what a slot car is? That’s okay…I didn’t either until I stepped foot through their door– and trust me, you’ll be glad you did if racing is your cup of tea.

Slot cars are miniature replicas of larger race cars you may see on the race track from time to time. With extreme attention to detail the cars you see are in immaculate condition before they hit a guided grooved track.

QUICK question: who’s the current holder of the Peter Brock Trophy? Nice article about Cody Bramble on

Photo credits to:

If you’ve answered Will Davison or Jonathon Webb, most recent winners of the Bathurst 1000, you’re talking about a piece of Johnny-come-lately tinware. The real Peter Brock Trophy dates back more than 40 years, and marks a similarly sizeable achievement in its field of motorsport.

By Herald Express

THERE is Scalextric in our house again, and this makes me very happy indeed. Younger Daughter and Railway Steve headed off on a shopping expedition on Saturday, and I expected them to come back with sensible things like clothes and shoes, warm winter coats and hats and gloves.

Nice article featuring Hot Trax Slot Car Racing Club in the Havasu News – Havasu, AZ.

Doug McDonald arrived just after sundown, and he brought some new wheels with him. Other racers were already waiting for him at the track, each anticipating the thrill of victory and the chance to show just what their cars could do.

Another very nice write-up on Slot Mods custom slot car tracks in Racer Magazine.

In things of quality, the difference lies not in the materials, but in the details. While a slot-car track from Slot Mods that can run from $10,000 to $500,000 has its share of styrofoam and construction-grade lumber, in addition to materials like marble, leather or exotic hardwoods, the magic comes from the smallest of details.

The Norwalk Reflector featured photos from the Ohio Retro Series race at HMS Speedways & Hobbies in downtown Bellevue, Ohio.

Ohio Retro Series at HMS Speedways & Hobbies, Bellevue Slot Car Races January 7, 2017 – photos by Reflector photographer Richard Russell

The weather was perfect on Saturday for some indoor motor sports. Racers from three states were at HMS Speedways & Hobbies in downtown Bellevue that day to race their slot cars on the King track in the Ohio Retro Series.