On Tuesdays and Fridays, small racetracks are filled with tiny cars racing at Lucky Bob’s Slot Cars in Milwaukee– a throwback to slot cars’ heyday in the 1960s. (March 24, 2011)

by Josh CarpenterMooresville Weekly

People race slot cars around a track at Race City Raceway, a business opened by a former crewman for Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Walking into Shannon Conner’s shop on East Plaza Drive on a given Monday night, one might think they ran right into the pits of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. There’s talk of strategy amongst crewmembers and often times, side-by-side racing that isn’t decided until the last lap.

Race City Raceway isn’t your run-of-the-mill racing venue. Drivers don’t race for millions, but for self-pride and local bragging rights using slot cars.

Enthusiasts use small handheld controllers to direct miniature cars that are guided by grooves around the track. The object is to take each corner at the highest speed possible without the car losing its grip and falling off the track.

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Slot-car racing shop fills void for former crewman | Mooresville Weekly.

Title: Wade Raceway 500
Location: Nampa, ID
Link out: Click here
Description: Wade Raceway 500
Falcon LMP, GTP, GT-12, & Eurosport on the Canadian White Track, + 27 Lite on the King.
Start Date: 2010-10-22
End Date: 2010-10-24

October 19, 2010

The Ultimate Formula One Slot-Car Track

White Lake Formula One RingJames Harlan White Lake Formula One Ring

Subsumed by the Nascar juggernaut, Formula One barely registers on the radar of most American motorsport fans, lending wheel-to-open-wheel racing a dose of underground cachet. It is so underground, in fact, that one Michigan man channeled his love of Formula One into a veritable basement fight club.

James Harlan, by his estimation, presides over the most elaborate slot-car racetrack in the country, which he built in his 1,000-square-foot basement and modeled after some of the Formula One race circuit’s most notoriously challenging track features. “I suppose I’ve taken it pretty far beyond what’s been done,” he said.

Named after his Michigan hometown, the White Lake Formula One Ring comprises left- and right-hand sweepers, S-curves, 20-foot straightaways and slots for up to four cars. The surrounding landscape is a snow globe of rocky terraces, skyscrapers, viewing towers, garages and tree-covered knolls.

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The Ultimate Formula One Slot-Car Track – NYTimes.com.

Slot cars ready to race on Stephen Farr’s track in Glendale. The FarrOut Slot Car Club brings slot car fans together for regular group races.
Photo by David Crane/Los Angeles Daily News.
By Dana Bartholomew, Staff Writer
Posted:   05/28/2010

GLENDALE — It was a 24-hour “battle of the titans” as Porsche howled past Ferrari in a 1970 Le Mans race immortalized by Steve McQueen in film the next year.Now the auto-racing legends are back. Only instead of ripping ’round the famous French circuit, they are slot cars hurtling around an electric track.

And in the lead of the miniature slot-car comeback are baby boomers from the San Fernando Valley, who will re-create the historic Le Mans race this summer in what’s billed as the biggest slot-car event in the West.

By: Nika Rolczewski

Terry Dalton has been a competitive racer for years and this weekend he chases a world championship. But he won’t do it from a driver’s seat.

Instead, Dalton will stand outside the circuit with a remote control, watching as his No. 12 Ferrari 430 circles a track inside a 6,000-square-foot grey building in Concord, Ont.

The track is miniature – 45 meters long – and so is Dalton’s car, a petite replica of one that races in the Ferrari Challenge North America Series. Dalton competes with a model that’s 1/24th the size of the original.

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AUTO RACING – ALMS: Scaling The Heights In A Slot Car.

Montgomery, Ill.

JUNE 4, 2009

slot car racing

Herman James, Indy-car champ. – Photo by Roger Schmitt

Last Sunday afternoon, Indy car racers Herman James, Roy Hood and George Russell were busy preparing their cars after qualifying 1-2-3. If you don’t recognize them as drivers who regularly compete alongside Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves or racing babe Danica Patrick, don’t fret. Messrs. James, Hood and Russell race on a much smaller scale: 1/24th to be exact.

The three men are part of the shrinking world of slot-car racing, which is gathered this week at Mid-America Raceway and Hobbies (www.slotcar1.com) in this leafy suburb west of Chicago. The event is the United Slot Racers Association’s Scale Division National Championships (the Wing-Car Division Nationals will be in Farmingville, N.Y., in late July).

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Gentlemen, Slot Your Engines – WSJ.com.

Paul Gawronski and Tracy Chin are best of pals, but that friendship means little once they line up on the racetrack.

At one of the Pacific Coast Nationals races held at Rohnert Park earlier this month, Gawronski’s pace-setting car violently flew off the track. Race director Frank Sarkella halted proceedings until it was returned safely to the field of seven racers. Chin balked, complaining that turn marshals, situated beside the track, first needed to call timeout before Sarkella could stop the race. Sarkella overruled him.

So much for the buddy system. In the surprisingly fierce and competitive world of slot car racing, Petaluma’s Gawronski is the hunted man. He is the country’s top racer, with 15 national titles since 1994 and a 1997 world championship. Everybody wants to knock him off, probably no one more than his buddy Chin of San Francisco.

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Little cars, big thrills / Pride drives rivalry between S.F., Petaluma slot car champs.