Nice article featuring Hot Trax Slot Car Racing Club in the Havasu News – Havasu, AZ.

Doug McDonald arrived just after sundown, and he brought some new wheels with him. Other racers were already waiting for him at the track, each anticipating the thrill of victory and the chance to show just what their cars could do.

Another very nice write-up on Slot Mods custom slot car tracks in Racer Magazine.

In things of quality, the difference lies not in the materials, but in the details. While a slot-car track from Slot Mods that can run from $10,000 to $500,000 has its share of styrofoam and construction-grade lumber, in addition to materials like marble, leather or exotic hardwoods, the magic comes from the smallest of details.

The Norwalk Reflector featured photos from the Ohio Retro Series race at HMS Speedways & Hobbies in downtown Bellevue, Ohio.

Ohio Retro Series at HMS Speedways & Hobbies, Bellevue Slot Car Races January 7, 2017 – photos by Reflector photographer Richard Russell

The weather was perfect on Saturday for some indoor motor sports. Racers from three states were at HMS Speedways & Hobbies in downtown Bellevue that day to race their slot cars on the King track in the Ohio Retro Series.

Nice article about 1/32 scale club racing in Virginia, in the Virginian-Pilot.

by: Teri Winslow

Photo Credits: Steve Earley

Danger forced Joe Brimer out of racing.

He competed professionally in open-wheeled cars but gave it up in late 1973 after college. He wanted to get married, and racing was risky, as well as a difficult way to make a living.

“It was a tough road and I was in love,” he said.

Nice article about Mid-America Raceway in Naperville, IL in the Daily Herald.


Slot car racing, which experienced a boom in the 1960s among boys of a certain age, is hoping to make a comeback in Naperville.

A track and hobby shop called mid-America Raceway is not only hoping to revive interest in slot cars, but also to bring new life to Ogden Mall on the city’s northeast side.

These days, the strip mall is known largely for its vacancies, including a large former Kmart, making it the target of ongoing revitalization efforts by city officials.


RECREATING A GOLDEN AGE: Conrad Speedway is an all-American moment in time from a company taking slot-car tracks to new heights.

When you’ve reached a point where you can splurge a little, or a lot, on your passion for cars and racing, and you happen to have a six-figure fun budget plus some floor space to fill, call Slot Mods founder David Beattie to create the slot-car track of your dreams.


Lewis Hamilton wins podium playing in São Paulo

The British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton landed in São Paulo this week because of the Brazilian Grand Prix and, as Glamurama had advanced, he took advantage of the coming to play a little bit of autorama.