Young Weird Herald

Here’s a pic of me (Paul Kassens) when I still had hair… thrashing for a 9 hour Enduro race in 1982. – Old Weird Herald photo by Raymond “Slapshot” Batchelor

I don’t claim to be any sort of expert or top racer, but in my 50+ years of racing slot cars, I have learned a lot. While I actually have won a few “major” type races in my time, as well as plenty of local and regional type races over the years… I have probably learned most of my lessons the hard way – in the races I have lost. And I’ve lost plenty.

“If it’s true that you learn from your mistakes… then I oughta be a damned genius by now!” – Paul Kassens

I suspect that this may also be the case with a lot of the top pro racers as well, even if they might not like to dwell on that fact.

I’m sure multiple time National and World Champion Paul “Beuf” Pedersen has even learned a few lessons from races he actually lost… that is… IF he can remember back that far… LOL