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review by kris kassens

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Super Speedway is a new IMAX movie aboutthe people and machines, and pure speed of Indycar racing. If you area racing fan or not it is still a good movie and is at least worththe parking and ticket price.

This is not a dry documentary or acrash-thriller, but is a very nice movie that gives you a taste ofthe science, passion, danger, and art of auto racing. Mario andMichael Andretti star in it, and it gives a lot of subtle contrastsof father/son, past/present technology, a little rivalry.

The directing and production makes it seembeautiful, and is very well done. The content is all but shadowed bythe fact it is displayed on a six-story high screen with digitalsurround sound. Some scenes are so fast you will loose your stomach!They actually filmed this movie with a real Indycar and strapped on ahuge 70mm camera and did laps at 200mph! It is an amazing feeling andnothing written can fully describe the experience. It is shown at48fps, and has no skips or scratches like at normal theaters, andseems totally surreal.

At the premier, legend Mario Andretti wasthere and told about the filming and behind the scenes, as well asdid autographs and answered questions. Well I'm an Auto Racing FREAK,so I did cartwheels when I got the press passes. I was the firstperson there, and got some of my collectors items signed. Getting tosit in the Indycar and talk to Mario was on an equivalent level tomeeting GOD.

Mario & Kris

Mario with a Slot Car

Kris Kassens with Mario Andretti

This photo proves that even a racing legend like Mario Andretti can look goofy if you put a slot car and controller in his hands!

Even though I am obviously biased to thisfilm, it does deserve Siskle & Eberts' thumbs up. It gets thecrowd feeling dizzy, and lets you leave the theater with a nice warmsmile,. . . . or a damp seat.

Now showing at most IMAX theaters. Check your local listings forshow times. Ticket

OWH's Rating: * * * * out of 4

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