The Old WeirdHerald

Slot CarRacer's

Guide toDating

by Paul Kassens and CraigRieland

Hot Date

Thing'sNOT to do or say on a firstdate:

HeartLEAVETHE BOX AT HOME!!!Geek with Box

HeartDo NOTbring your favorite slot car along to show off on your date.


HeartIfyour date comments about your trophies or plaques, let them thinkthey're from real car least until the third date.

HeartIfyour date sees your controller, tell them it's an"appliance".


HeartDon'teven attempt to explain that bottle of "Stick It".


HeartYour"lucky" racing T-shirt will NOT get you lucky.

HeartAlwaysremember, your date requires more then a three minuteheat.Stopwatch

HeartIn theheat of the moment...Don't yell out a lane color, or "RIDER!".


HeartNomatter how good, or bad, the date is going....never yell"TRACK!".


HeartIf youlearn that your date is into, say, bowling; or better yet, stampcollecting...then it may be safe to consider mentioning yourhobby.


HeartYouknow there's potential, if you drove further for the date then youwould for a slot car race.

HeartWhenyour date calls and asks you what you're doing, don't ever say thatyou're "mounting a body".


HeartDOgive your date your home phone number, but DON'T give out the numberof the track.Phone

HeartWhenyour date does find out about your weird hobby, and if they're NOTdriven off...then you have to decide...are they just what you alwayswanted, or are they even too weird for you (remember what GrouchoMarx said; "I never want to belong to a club that would have someonelike me for a member").

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