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Are You a Slot Car Mook?

OWH Self-Help for Speed Crazed Morons

By Russ Toy

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Does a day at the races mean coming home in a bad mood & kicking the dog? Do racers avoid you when you walk in the door? It could be the early signs of becoming a "slot car mook". Take the time to answers the following questions, yes or no.

A. Do you yell to the turn marshal just as the car comes off its lane?

B. Have you left the store without first paying off your tab?

C. Whenever there's a multiple car pile-up, do you tell the marshal to put your car on first?

D. Do you blame the other drivers when you have a bad heat?

E. When asked to help turn marshal, do you say "I'm too busy"?

F. Does the look on your face say "I'm going to destroy you"?

G. Do you talk to other people while marshaling?

H. Do you rummage through other people's boxes, looking for speed secrets?

I. Do you borrow other people's tools & forget to return them?

J. Do you throw your cars in your box after a race?

If you answered "yes" to only a few questions, chances are you're ok. If you said "yes" to five or six questions, you may want to seek professional help. If you answered "yes" to all the questions, you are a "slot car mook" & there is no known cure. These are the signs; know them & help prevent the spread of this terrible disease.

(copied from "vintage times" newsletter, nov '97)

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