You Might Be A Slot RacerIf...

By Dave "Taz" Winnie & Paul Kassens

You might be a slot carracer if...

Angry WifeYour wife knows just where you' the smell of tire goop on your clothes.

You consider Lexan™ to be one of the seven wonders of theworld.

Camped OutYour local track owner finds you camped out on the racewayporch the day the new armature shipment is due.

Diamond RingYou just spent more on your new fancyelectronic slot car controller then you paid for your wife's weddingring.

You schedule your honeymoon to coincide with the Nats.

You can't remember ever doing anything else on a friday/saturdaynight.

Your doctor asks about that "twitch" in your driving finger.

Your coworkers start wondering why you constantly sway side toside.

Hot DateYou pass up a date with the "Miss Tire Town" calandergirl, because it conflicts with a points race.

You hyperventilate when your boss mentions O.T. on a race day.

Dad & KidsYou have trouble keeping your own kids' namesstraight...yet have European lane rotation memorized perfectly.

And last, but not least:

You might be a slot car racer realize that most of yourbest friends are slot car racers!

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