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Hi there! Many of you may know me already from either the "Slots" DL, the "ho-slotcars" DL or my web site "The Weird World of Jack". For those that do not, I'm Jack (and I am weird).

If you know me, then you also know that I love scale 1/32 cars, home tracks and club tracks. You might say I am a freak for 3/8" scale...many people do! Give me a basement full of cool track, a nice scale 1/32 car, a warm controller and I am in slothead heaven.

And that is precisely the sort of thing we are going to be delving into here at my little corner of The Old Weird Herald, 1/32 in all it's scale glory! Let us take a look together at the cars, tracks and people that make up this aspect of slot racing. Be forwarned, it's a wild world out there!

We'll be looking at 1/32 slots here in the USA and abroad. You will see some focus on England and Spain where there is a lot of action and most of the coolest new stuff. But, we will also be checking out what's happening locally in the USA in the home and club scene.

As for me, I run with a loosely-knit (mentally speaking) group known as the CLAMS, here in central Ohio. My own track is a 50 foot lap length Strombecker two lane, 10 amp power, wired for brakes and with much hard-core scenery in place now. We run everything from vintage to modern to our own scratchbuilt designs. Scale is the word, fun is the goal.

And so my fellow weird ones, here we go......

keep your hands and feet inside the car and enjoy the ride......


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High Performance Motor

Product Review by Weird Jack - 10/22/98

The Wheel of Fortuneless


How To Succeed In Wheel Making

Without Really Trying

Another "Alterna-Slots" how-to by Weird Jack - 8/13/98

Figure 8
Step Six
Silicone Tire Casting 101- by Weird Jack - 3/11/98
Slots On A Budget Project:

Regaining Control


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Quick Start Track
Quick Start Track

Product Review

by Weird Jack & the CLAMS

SCX Chaparral

Product Review

by Jack K. Stinson

SCX Chap 2e
Leadmine Raceway
Leadmine Raceway

by Jack K. Stinson


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