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Quick Start Track

Product Test Report

by Weird Jack and the CLAMS



Photos courtesy of Quick Start Tracks


I had the opportunity last night to try out the Quick Start QT-100-12. One of our club members had ordered this and (much to our delight) brought it with him to the race session. It was Christmas in October!

For those unfamiliar with Quick Start, this is a routed track that is completely portable. The 4x12 foot layout is comprised of four panels that fold into a 2x4 foot area only three inches thick. Set up consists of unfolding the track and plugging in the power, takes about 40 seconds. Expansion sections are also offered.

Power is from two power packs. Each 12 volt, 2 amp pack powers a lane. They appear to be well regulated and we noticed no voltage fluctuation. The controllers are clipped to three (red, white, black standard) posts recessed into a flush panel at one end of the track. My only negative comment on this is that there is no provision for polarity switching. This would enhance things greatly by allowing you to run both directions on the course. It also allows for differences in car wiring. This is not a difficult thing to do yourself though.

The price for the track and power packs is $499.00 plus shipping (*please see updated price info below). You can also purchase this with two Parma Controllers (7 ohm) and two Parma Womp cars for $595. The track I tested came from *"SB Collectibles". Steve Daro is selling these now. For a list of more dealers, please check below.

To see more photos of the track and obtain further information on the company that makes them, check out their web site at:

Now, how is this thing really? Well folks, it's pretty freakin' cool! We set it up on the floor and had a blast with it for several hours.

The surface is almost Formica, very smooth gray track. Silicones will rule on this track, but I found that a lightly balanced car runs with them using EJ's #15 rubber tires. I tried some sponge tires but was disappointed in comparison to the silicone and soft rubber ones. Yeah, yeah....I can see someone now reaching for the 3M spray can! Yikes!

There is plenty of room for 1/32 cars. No fencing is provided, none is needed if you keep it on the floor. You might want to add some if you put it on a table though. I ran some scale 1/24 cars. There is sufficient room, but just barely.

We used several types of controllers, resistor and transistorized, all worked well. The power packs ran cool for the few hours we ran and provided good current for all the cars tried. This was a pleasant surprise for me and is very commendable.

The track itself is a nice design. A compact road course with two good straights to open up on and a tricky set of curves near the driver's stations. The slots were a little problematical however. These are routed fairly wide with braid spacing set for the Jet type guide flag. This did create the need for minor adjustments on modern European scale cars to get them to run well. Ninco, Scalextric, MRRC. SCX, etc. are designed to run on Scalextric track and use a narrow flag and braid spacing.

One other minor slot problem was found on the example we tested. One slot did not line up well at a section hinge point. This caused deslotting. Again, this is easy to fix by trimming the slot at that point.

Overall though, the track is smooth and a joy to race on. We ran all sorts of cars on it. The kings of the road that evening were a couple of 1/32 AMT brass pan vintage cars with 16d's and silicone tires. My scratchbuilt brass tube chassis with a Pla-Fit Rabbit in it and EJ's tires ran really well also. It seemed that heavier cars ran great with silicone and lighter cars with rubber. The Ninco "McLaren on steroids" I have ran very cool on this track. With a little weighting, this would be a contender. It runs a Pla-Fit Fox motor and custom made slip-on silicones.

I also dragged out some odd-ball stuff to see how they worked. Perhaps you've heard of the *"Slide Guide" that is a guide flag adapting HO cars to 1/32 & 1/24 tracks?

I tried three different cars with these. The semi-stock Tyco 440x2 HO car with silicones ran very well indeed. It could use some additional balancing to get the most from it, but I was impressed. Then came the Renault R5 in 1/43 scale. This is a Heller static kit with a Tyco 440x2 chassis for motive power. It also ran quite well, if a only little top heavy.

Lastly, I ran an experimental brass pan with direct drive from a sidewinder motor. With a vinyl NASTRUCK body and silicone tires it ran very smoothly. There is virtually no noise from one of these. I am told that a Tomy Turbo motor works out very cool for this kind of set up. An interesting concept and yet another car that ran well on Quick Start track.

There you have it, a great idea, a cool track and a boon to anyone short on space or wanting a routed track without the routing. I like it. I look forward to many club sessions on this track in the future.


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Reference List

*Quick Start Track*

Web Site:

Available through the following dealers:

EJ's Hobbies 7017 Cascade Rd. / Grand Rapids, MI 49546-7304

(Ed Sourbeck ) phone: (616) 942-0285 fax:(616) 956-8043

SB Collectibles 25367 Chapelweigh Dr. / Farmington Hills, MI 48336

(Steve Daro) phone: (248) 476-9022 fax: (248) 442-2781

L.M. Gillett 4021 2nd St. NE / Minneapolis, MN 55421

(Mike Gillett ) phone: (612) 788-5816

Charlie Almond 299 Braddock Ave / Landsdowne, PA 19050

(Charlie Almond) phone: (610) 259 0157

General Product Info:(Orders through dealers only)

Walter Nino, Sales Mgr.- Quick Start Track - email:

Update on Price Policy:

Subject: Ouick Start - Price Adjustment

Sent: 3/25/98 2:54 PM

Received: 3/25/98 5:28 PM

From: Walter Nino,

To: Paul Kassens,

Hi Paul,

Just want to let You know, that effective immediately, The Quick Start Raceway is no longer $499. Now, that never did include the Cost of Shipping.The Track weighs more than 22 kilos - about 50 lbs. They were sent F.O.B. Los Angeles.

Also after a couple of mishaps we'ved revamped our packing. Now the very same type of Sleeve / Nuts & Bolts that connect all the Panels of the Track together, are NOW used to prevent the Factory Assembled Track from coming out of alingment . Regardless how much foam & or bubble pack was used. The Track wanted to open & shift (bend). Now a pair of Sleeve / Nuts & Bolts holds the Folded Panels together, Rock Solid.

So the New Price of the Quick Start Raceway is $589 Delivered to anywhere in the Contiental United States. We found that with the previous arrangement, It lead to many misunderstandings. We trust that new price will help clear the air.

For Quick Start Raceway,


*Slide Guides*

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