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High Performance Motor

Product Review by "Weird Jack" Stinson V12 Motor

  • 25,000 rpm +/- 2% @12vdc (All V12's are sorted to this specification!)
  • 135 gcm stall torque @12vdc
  • Gold can the size of a standard European slot car motor like the NC1
  • Dual shaft, can be run in can-drive or endbell-drive configuration
  • Motor is a drop-in replacement for the Ninco NC1
  • Comes with 4.5" long very flexible silicone insulated lead wires
  • The leads have termination pins installed for attachment to guide
  • Included is a brass 8-tooth pinion (available separately as well)
Testing was done using three Ninco McLaren GTRs. One was set up as a control car and had a stock Ninco NC1 motor. One was set up with a Scalextric motor in a modified mount and one was set up with a Pla-Fit Rabbit motor.

Timed laps were done with the stock McLaren and the Scalextric powered McLaren (The Rabbit powered car was unavailable for the timed laps). After the stock car was tested and the control times recorded, the V12 motor was installed in place of the NC1 and testing was resumed.

All timed laps were done on the old C&S Raceway, a 47 foot Strombecker road course. It was quite twisty with several tricky curves and somewhat short straights. Times are a result of the average of five consecutive one minute heats. Any heat with a deslot was discarded and another run immediately.

Tests were run with a variety of control cars to show how the V12 performed in comparison. All cars used Road Monkeys silicone racing tires.

In fact, I could not imagine truely using the power of a V12 without them.

The competitive testing was done against the Rabbit powered car on the Choctaw Corners track. This testing was purely to see how the V12 powered car performed against a known hot motor in actual racing. The conclusions drawn from this portion of the testing are observations on the part of both drivers involved.

No times were recorded during this phase of testing. There were no competitive test done with the NC1 or Scalextric powered McLarens as it was felt these were not in the same performance class.

The Times:

Make Car Motor Time
Fly Viper Fly 5.71
Ninco McLaren GTR V12 5.94
Ninco McLaren GTR Scalextric 6.32
Ninco Porsche GT1 NC1 6.49
Ninco McLaren GTR NC1 6.59
Scalex Audi A4 Scalextric 6.66
Scalex Ferrari F40 Scalextric 6.74
SCX Chaparral RX4 7.23
Ninco Ferrari 166 NC1 7.41
As you can see, the stock McLaren GTR with a new V12 motor (not yet fully broken in) was less than .2 seconds slower than the Viper. I believe continued practice with the V12 will lower it's lap times even more, taking it well into Viper territory with ease.

It is worthwhile to note that the Scalextric motor gave the McLaren car a .27 second lower lap time than the NC1 motored McLaren, yet the V12 motor gave it a .65 second drop in lap time!

Okay, that's one way to test a car. It shows some information that can be useful. It does not show you what will happen when you are trying to pass someone on the track! For this sort of testing we took two identical Ninco McLarens and put a drop-in replacement motor in each. Minewas fitted with the V12 motor, Paul's car equipped with the very quick Pla-Fit Rabbit motor. These we took to the bank at Choctaw Corners.

Owned by Paul Miller, the Choctaw Corners track is much faster than the C&S Raceway's tight curves. CC is a big Marx 1/24 track, sweeping corners and a lovely banked curve at the end of the main straight. It was here that the V12 motor was able to really show its stuff.

Paul and I concur that while the top speed of both cars was about the same, the V12 had much faster acceleration. It simply passed the Rabbit on the straight, went deep into the bank when it's excellent braking was kicked in and then powered out onto the short straight before having to slow down for the esses. Brute power, great brakes and a fast top speed.

Remember, all I did was drop this motor into a Ninco car that had previously been set up to run with an NC1. I did no additional tweaking specific to the V12 motor. I only did the standard tweaks of gluing bearings in place and gluing rear wheels to the axle.

Overall impressions? I like it! The motors drop right in place with no hassle, the bell-end shaft does not interfere on a Ninco car. The lead wires are long and flexible. I experienced no problems with the motors at all. The brass pinon gear meshed very well and worked like a charm.

Also available from "" are 9, 10 and 11 tooth pinion gears. The 10 and 11 tooth pinions are quite unique in that they maintain the standard gear OD and pitch, but have teeth that are a little more narrow at the bottom. This means that the additional teeth can be squeezed in while retaining the good mesh and the all-important spacing on the crown gear of scale European 1/32 cars. A nice addition to the growing "" line.

So, if you are looking for drop in high performance at a reasonable price, contact the guys at "" <> and ask about the new V12 won't be disappointed!

Weird Jack

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Editor's Note: "" products are available in the USA, and are distributed by "Scalextric-USA" slot car distributors. Check out their web site for a list of retail dealers.

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